I live and breathe Accountants. I am very passionate about helping accounting firms determine what makes them unique. We then collaborate over virtual coffees (or wine), and a new value-driven website is born.

I launched Xero Australia in 2009 and have over 35 years working in the accounting industry, from Sales to Marketing in AU, US, UK & China in leadership roles, providing mentoring on sales and marketing for high growth accounting firms.

Nearly four years ago, Sally Schmidt and I made a bold decision to pack our life up in Melbourne and book one-way tickets to travel around the world slowly. We have just achieved 25 countries whilst working remotely and enjoying my new passion for designing websites. 

I also support the B1G1 life-changing movement, where businesses build giving into their business. In addition to donating on behalf of my incredible clients, I also really enjoy paying it forward by providing my services and experience to worthy causes around the world, they are doing the hard work. I love helping them share their purpose and voice to create awareness.

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Does your website generate leads?

The average person now spends under seven seconds on a website before making the stay or leave decision. 

What makes your firm unique?

Without scrolling, does a prospective client know precisely who you are and why they should change accountants?

Is your website just a brochure?

Did you give your previous website designer your company overview brochure and ask for a website? Congratulations you've taken something printed and placed it on a dynamic medium, your website is brochureware.

More than just a website.
I produce only ten bespoke websites each year for accounting firms. You receive a custom website, a full social media makeover and a complete marketing and sales strategy to deliver your website traffic.

Easily to maintain.
You're too busy to learn another system, hence why a use Wix as the development platform - no more being tied to a website developer.

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