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When to quit.

At what stage do you need to make the best choice for you?

Too many times I see posts on social media with people saying follow your passion, work harder, longer, don't sleep, don't give up, sacrifice everything, measure success in money.

As they say, execution eats strategy for breakfast, and skill eats passion for lunch, and knowing when to quit eats persistence for dinner.

I think the correct term is life/work balance, not work/life balance.

Don't lose sight of what is more critical - Life.

We have all heard the biggest regret of our respected elders 'I wished I had not worked so hard*.

So at some point in your life, you will need to determine if that product, application, idea, manager or company is worth it.

Only you can answer that question, and you will need to live the consequences of your decision.

I went through that decision process last year, and this song* helped me in the process.


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