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Travel is good for the soul

I am now in year three of our ten-year journey around the world with Sally Schmidt.

Firstly you can pack it all up and leave, with no plans.

My learnings;

  • A smile goes a long way

  • It takes nothing to learn hello and thank you in any language

  • Walking along a street and saying hello feels right

  • Slow travel wins, e.g. stay in places longer

  • Be flexible

  • Plan less

  • Don't waste your time perfecting the photo; you will miss that sunset

  • Be in the moment more

  • Choose walking first

  • Visit fewer tourist attractions

  • It's not a history lesson

  • Dance more

  • You only need a laptop, power converter, mobile phone and laptop stand

  • We don't need so many clothes

  • Listen to other fellow travellers, and remember everyone is viewing it from their eyes and culture

  • Always carry tissues

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