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Social Media Fails

It must have sounded like a great idea in the marketing room.

Create a Twitter Support account for Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter.

Hire a film crew and get Jack to read through a very curated list of Tweets.

Organise a media company to promote Jack responding to the tweets, in this case, WIRED.

What could go wrong?

Well, Jack let out that the only way to get a Twitter verified account is to contact a person.

Yes, contact a single human and in this case, Kayvon Beykpour.

That's when the wheels fell off.

It seems Kayvon Beykpour does not give the verification ticks.

Well, I think he does purely for Jack and these ticks are still given out by a human at Twitter.

Nice to see Kayvon gave himself a verified tick.

Jack got bored.

Jack Dorsey got bored and didn't respond to the Twitter Support handle.

It died a public death in the social media graveyard.

Why is the tick so important?

Well for people like myself that teach social media skills, it's a sign that I'm a real person.

Now for years, Twitter has promised a solution to get verified, but never a solution.

It's been on hold for three-plus years.

I could have had three children in that amount of time.

So the bots will continue to push false information around, and Twitter will continue to be the source of all fake news.

End of story.

But wait there is more, check out Sir Richard Branson (with a tick) and how he engages people on social media.

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