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Secrets to a Great LinkedIn Profile

Learn what makes a great LinkedIn profile to ensure you position yourself in the best light for recruiters and stand out in a crowded market.

I discuss why LinkedIn is where you need to be right now and in the future to take your career to the next level.

I cover off points such as:

  • Why you need a high-quality photo

  • The importance of a hero image

  • How to select your vanity URL

  • Using the About & Featured section to make an impact

  • Employment history

  • Why you need to select from the dropdown list

  • It's about achievements, not duties

  • Update employment type & select dropdown location

  • Education - Tertiary onwards

  • Recommendations are critical; the process to request a recommendation

  • Building your connections

  • Setup your security, so critical in today's online world

  • Make yourself open for recruiters, how to show recruiters you're looking for a new role

  • Why you need to Google yourself (because we will)

  • How to appear in front of the right people

  • Content, share your knowledge

  • While being an All-Star is so important

  • The power of hashtags to build your connections

  • Three hashtags only, this is not Instagram

  • How to keep your content alive

  • Why you should follow the companies you love

Thank you, Laura Roscioli, for allowing me to perform a LinkedIn makeover live.

Below are some of the products I mention in the above video. for building a fantastic online CV website for free.

Pexels for a hero image to position you.

Feel free to share this video, link to anyone.

Now back to our ten year trip around the world.

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