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Sales mentor to accountants

Marketing is not an issue.

The majority of accounting firms don't have an issue with marketing. Governments drive compliance business to your firm every day. The problem lies in picking the right profitable clients that you love working with and ensuring you have a proven, repeatable sales process to win that business.

It's sales skills.

As a partner in your firm, you are the rainmaker. Except when did you gain formal sales training and does your firm have a repeatable sales process?

Proven sales mentor.

After a 30+ year career in sales in the accounting industry, I have the sales skills and proven track record (launching Xero Australia) to deliver sales mentoring to your accounting firm.

I only accept less than three clients to mentor at one time.

Do you want to grow your accounting firm and challenge the status quo?

How do I deliver success?

Through a proven sales methodology for accounting firms.

Some of the core principles include:

  • Unique Selling Proposition workshop, competitor analysis

  • Develop your Ideal client persona

  • Refresh all your social media assets

  • If required build a new website that delivers leads

  • Building a suspect list

  • Create a repeatable marketing campaign to generate leads

  • Position partners to become people of influence

  • Sales training to all client-facing staff

    • Why sales is just a process​

    • From suspect to a client in 7 steps training

    • Telephone and email sale skill development

    • Running the perfect discovery meeting

    • How to sell the invisible

    • Handling pricing objections

  • Weekly sales progress meetings​

Is your firm a fit?

  • Firms that are not happy with single-digit growth

  • People wanting to start a firm

  • Multi-partner firms that have slowed growth

  • Those wishing to build a firm to sell

The commitment.

  • Allocate at least two hours per week for personal development

  • Produce two videos per month (training provided on how to produce high-quality videos)

  • Be held accountable for all sales wins and losses​

Success based investment.

A monthly marketing retainer USD 962 and 5% of new business accepted each month, as measured via Practice Ignition or Go Proposal.

My sole focus is for you to win new business.


Typically this will take six to nine months until you consistently close sales within your pipeline.


You have the freedom to change this arrangement at any stage.

Next step.

Let us discuss where you are at goals and determine if there is a fit.


Over 35 years of experience in the accounting industry. Launched Xero in Australia in 2009. Speaker and accounting practice advisor, discussing accounting industry trends and providing coaching on sales and marketing. Lived in Australia, USA, UK, China and now a Digital Nomad.