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Discovery Meeting Questions


Do you run budgets?

What’s the frequency of your budget reviews?

Do you have a real-time view?

Do you have a forecasting process?

Do you forecast your costs?

Do you produce cash flow forecasts?

Have you done a pricing review?

Management reports?

Formal monthly reviews?


Systems and processes.

When did you last do a process review?

Do you use Excel?

Do you automate the collection of receipts?

How do you collect payments?

What's your debtor management process?

Is your workforce mobile?



Password management?

Have you reviewed your HR compliance?

Do you have disability insurance?

In your business insured in case of a key person is disabled?


Closing questions.

Do you have a 5-year financial plan?

When do you plan to retire?

Do you have an exit strategy?

Do you have a financial mentor?

What do you consider success to look like?